Sunday, August 13, 2023

List of our Eigg blog posts

Here's a comprehensive list of our blog posts over the last few years.

2023 Regional BroadwayWorld Awards: Eigg the Musical brought home four 2023 BroadwayWorld Denver Awards this month, which honor the best in regional productions, touring shows and more.

Eigg the Musical Scrapbook: Creating Eigg the Musical started back in 2017 when an article appeared in the Guardian about the community buyout of the Isle of Eigg.

It takes a village to stand up a new musical: It really does take a village to bring a new musical to life and we wanted to thank all the wonderful people and organizations from all across Colorado who provided support and helped enhance our experience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.

Eigg the Musical - Reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The reviews are coming out on Eigg the Musical

Eigg the Musical - That's a wrap! Our closing performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was Saturday August 12th, 2023. What a fun ride, we met so many good people and we'll never forget our time in Scotland.

Eigg the Musical Performance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Here's our performance of Eigg the Musical at Greenside @ Riddles Court in Edinburgh Scotland on August 10th, 2023.

Opening scene in 360° Greenside @ Riddles Court: You don't see these sorts of things very often, but it's always interesting to see how these 360 degree videos turn out for stage performances.

Opening night at the 2023 Edinburgh festival fringe: The official opening of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was on Monday August 7th, 2023. Here's an image of our cast and crew backstage at Riddles Court.

Eigg music ensemble join forces at Ensign Ewert in Edinburgh: Over the last few years we've been working with Sandy Brechin on the various nuances of Scottish Ceilidh music.

Greenside press gala to kickoff the 2023 Edinburgh fringe festival: Our show was pulled out of a hat for a two minute press preview slot to kickoff the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Vintage preview program QR code: We've been using QR codes to provide access to our show's program and crowd funding campaign online.

Preview of Eigg the Musical at Vintage Theatre: Here's our first public viewing of Eigg the Musical. The show was sold out and the atmosphere was electric.

Sovereignty and Ownership of the Isle of Eigg: Here's an overview of the sovereignty and ownership of the Isle of Eigg.

Eigg the Musical Troupe Photos: Here's a couple of troupe photos of the Eigg the Musical cast and crew we took near downtown Denver the first week of July.

Reform Starts Now! In scene 4 Cliff attends the Ceilidh festivities at the Isle of Eigg community center; at some point, he gets fed up with the music and fires the band.

2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Program Launch: The 2023 Edinburgh festival fringe program has officially launched and our show is one of nearly 150 musicals and operas at the festival this summer.

Posters for Eigg the Musical at Riddles Court: We created a couple of posters for our shows in Edinburgh this year. The first one we call "the land grab", and the second one is called "the flick".

Ceilidh dance training, what could go wrong? Here's a couple 360° videos of our cast working through some ceilidh dance steps with our local Scottish dance experts.

Kickoff celebration for Edinburgh Festival Fringe: We had an informative kickoff meeting for our Edinburgh performance run on Tuesday.

Tickets available for Eigg the Musical: We're live! The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has updated their website and tickets are now on sale for our show Eigg the Musical.

Logo and marketing collateral for Eigg the Musical: We've been hard at work with messaging and branding for our upcoming show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Mark your 2023 calendars! The time has come! We've confirmed our participation in the 2023 Edinburgh theater festival.

Script development and Cèilidh dance training: This was our first Cèilidh dance event! Here's what happened; some local theater friends volunteered to learn how to dance at a Cèilidh while April played the accordion.

Creating an authentic musical score for Eigg: Here's a short article about composing for musical theatre works.

Yes, we're adding plenty of Ceilidh music! We've been hard at work preparing the various musical instrument parts for the Eigg show over the pandemic.

We have a NEW Eigg website address! We've decided to start using a new website address: ""

We're adding an Accordion to the Eigg Score: We're nearing completion of the performance materials for Eigg the Musical and should start some readings soon.

Visiting the Isle of Eigg: Here's a collection of media clips from my 2019 Summer visit to the Isle of Eigg.

Music from the show performed on Eigg! After the the festival in Edinburgh I traveled to the Isle of Eigg to take in some of the sites.

Introducing Sbani & Alsup: It's official Mark and April have inked a deal for co-writing "The Isle of Eigg", so without further adieu, here's the writing team of Mark Sbani and April Alsup.

Eigg the Musical early development video: Here's a short promo video for Eigg the Musical.

The joy of a replenished song list! Towards the end of the Sisyphus production I started getting back into the mode of composing music.

An interesting logo concept: We've started thinking about logo concepts for marketing/branding and one idea we have is to form a heart when Ross and Kaja's hands come together.

ALPHA1...we have a song you read me Houston...over: I thought it might be fun to document the steps we take creating Eigg the Musical; after all, this is a "blog" and that's short for "web log"...right?

Experience Eigg Island: Here's a short video clip of the 60 Minutes' adventure to the Isle of Eigg.

The Isle of Eigg: The island of Eigg has a long history of conflict, situated off the coast of Scotland it has always been vulnerable to attack.

First official blog post: You can take the person out of Eigg, but you can't take Eigg out of the person!