Sunday, August 13, 2023

List of our past Blog posts

Here's a list of our blog posts about our new Musical:

2023 Eigg the Musical Scrapbook

It takes a village to stand up a new musical

Eigg the Musical - Reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Eigg the Musical - That's a wrap!

Eigg the Musical Performance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Opening scene in 360° Greenside @ Riddles Court

Opening night at the 2023 Edinburgh festival fringe

Eigg music ensemble join forces at Ensign Ewert in Edinburgh

Greenside press gala to kickoff the 2023 Edinburgh fringe festival

Vintage preview program QR code

Preview of Eigg the Musical at Vintage Theatre

Sovereignty and Ownership of the Isle of Eigg

Eigg the Musical Troupe Photos

Reform Starts Now!

2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Program Launch

Posters for Eigg the Musical at Riddles Court

Ceilidh dance training, what could go wrong?

Kickoff celebration for Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tickets available for Eigg the Musical

Logo and marketing collateral for Eigg the Musical

Mark your 2023 calendars!

Script development and Cèilidh dance training

Creating an authentic musical score for Eigg

Yes, we're adding plenty of Ceilidh music!

We have a NEW Eigg website address!

We're adding an Accordion to the Eigg Score

Visiting the Isle of Eigg

Music from the show performed on Eigg!

Introducing Sbani & Alsup

Eigg the Musical early development video

The joy of a replenished song list!

An interesting logo concept

ALPHA1...we have a song you read me Houston...over

Experience Eigg Island

The Isle of Eigg

First official blog post